September 2011 Newsletter

Yoyah Group

Are You Pursuing Your Passion?
By Yoram Yahav

living_your_dreamCan you mark any sort of accomplishment or development in life achieved by fear or worry? Anger is actually an expression of fear, and fear as I just mentioned, does not contribute anything to your well being.

So why give in to anger at all? If you are unhappy – change it! If you are not living your dreams, start living them even if you start small. It sounds so trivial and simple but we all need to be courageous and decide to dream in color… More>

“If Money Doesn’t Make You Happy, You Aren’t Spending it Right!”
By Prof. Shlomo Maital


What is happiness? And are there simple things we all can do that would indeed make the coming year happier? Innovation applies not just to gadgets, but also to the way we live.

I found some answers in an empirical study, still unpublished, by three psychologists: Elizabeth W. Dunn (U. of British Columbia), Daniel T. Gilbert (Harvard Univ.) and Timothy D. Wilson (Univ. of Virginia). “The relationship between money and happiness is surprisingly weak,” they note. The authors offer rules for increased happiness, based on a survey of a large literature on the link between how we spend our money and how happy we are. More>


Individual Responsibility for the Future
By David Miron-Wapner

recycle3Individual action becoming routine is the fundamental building block of the shift in consciousness that humanity’s survivors will need in order to sustain themselves in a world providing less free services of clean air, water and arable land.

Individuals taking responsibility and maximizing the welfare of the most vulnerable, both human and environmental, leads to a collective responsibility and synergistic enhancing of social and environmental justiceMore>



Mapping Megatrends Series Part 2
By Debbie Meltzer


Micro capitalism tied in with mindful spending and mindful consumption offer more practical alternatives because they encourage and support more enterprising citizens, with no distinctions of age or place in the economic food chain.

Despite the scale and revenue of corporates like Google and Apple or the billion dollar plus valuations of new players such as Groupon, they do not employ equivalent numbers to firms with similar turnover in sectors such as manufacturing, retail or tourism.

With diminishing job growth, governments will need to start offering more support to micro-businesses. In future we need to see more micro-capitalist schemes facilitated through technology platforms like Google’s cloud based eBooks programs and Google ideas… More>