June 2011 Newsletter

Yoyah Group

The Revolution of Anger Management
By Yoram Yahav

Buddha spoke about anger as a form of fear. Nothing he said, should bring us to any level of anger. But can we humans truly contain our anger when we see stupidity and lack of emotional intelligence in so many acts of insanity around us?!

How can one build a positive strategy or design one’s future if the realities of the present are clouding the potential for a better tomorrow?


Pay It Forward
By Prof. Shlomo Maital


“The world is flat,” New York Times columnist Tom Friedman explained in his 2005 book by that name. But what does that mean? “It means you can create anything, anywhere, and distribute it anywhere, anytime, to anyone,” MIT Prof. Lester Thurow explains.

An Israeli entrepreneur started an Internet college that teaches business and computing to 1,000 students from 115 countries, including Haitians still living in tent cities, Chinese, Indonesians, Nigerians, and Vietnamese, all for free. And it took only two years. The entrepreneur is Shai Reshef. He exemplifies a growing trend – Israeli entrepreneurs who launch businesses and sell them for a fortune, then leverage that fortune and their creative savvy to change the flat world through social entrepreneurship… More>


Cheap and Dirty
By David Miron-Wapner

coalAs we marvel at the Chinese model of rapid development, we tend to see their current extraordinary growth as proceeding perpetually toward inevitable world economic leadership. If China were to cease its use of coal and focus on sustainable alternatives the pace of growth might just continue. However, if the dirty and cheap path is pursued equally aggressively then the environment may become a significant obstacle to further prosperity; leading to a serious slowdown or maybe even a systemic crash. Along with China, the rest of the nations of the world face similar choices. More>


Strategic Agility as a Way of Life
By Nira Adler

Strategic Agility is a key concept innovated by INSEAD Prof. Yves Doz and his co-author Mikko Kosonen, in their book Fast Strategy: How Strategic Agility Will Help You Stay Ahead of the Game (Pearson, 2008).

They describe strategy as  a way of life, a way of being, for companies. They define three key elements of the ability to rapidly adapt strategy to change: Strategic sensitivity; Collective commitment; and; Resource fluidity. More>



Design Trends That Are Transforming Our Lives Online
By Debbie Meltzer

There is an unlikely runner-up playing the global field… Commercial design here is booming. It is taking front stage and winning hearts. It’s getting attention, accolades and awards in film festivals, La Biennale and other prestigious European events.

Just as IT must venture off shore for future survival, these bourgeoning design hubs must focus outwards. They need to monitor the trends… or better still – create them. So what up and coming design trends are crawling into orbit? More>