Yoyah Media Strategies

Gilad Adin New Media

Gilad Adin New Media

Yoyah Media Strategies offers bold new approaches to designing, developing and delivering media effectively to enhance future success.

Headed by Yoyah Group team member Gilad Adin, previously CEO, Channel 10 News Israel, Yoyah Media Strategies brings your media into the new age.

Media Training

  • Receive expert analysis of strengths and weaknesses and practical tools for effective media appearances

Principles of public speaking

  • Understand Body language for convey and emphasize positive messages
  • Learn how to control and to modulate your voice

Elevator pitch

  • Distill your message with maximum efficiency

Debate and Speeches

  • Explore the basic principles of debate, rhetorical and public speaking and composition skills
  • Cultivate the ability for self-expression, deliberative skills, and the power of persuasion