Innovation Policy and Programs

Innovation powers a dynamic, robust economic future.

A nation and its private sector’s capacity for innovation is a critical factor in fostering economic growth and jobs.  Public, private and academic synergies must be cultivated.

Yoyah’s chairman, Dr. Shuki Gleitman, former Chief Scientist of Israel and a key architect of its global leadership in civilian R&D, leads our program to advise and assist in setting up national innovation policies. Our process engages with you in the development of systematic and programmatic tools to accelerate the transformation of your national economy.

Yoyah’s methodology, working in close concert with existing national agencies, private sector and academia, is based on the following major steps:

  • Analysis of current status of innovation policies and resources
  • PFF™ process with all key leaders and stakeholders
  • Co-Development of comprehensive policy and program
  • Advice and oversight of implementation