People Planet Profit

The web of intertwined relationships between the three is out of balance.

Sustainability is the key word for a paradigm shift sweeping the world into the future.

Sustainable business means fulfilling people’s real current needs without compromising the capacity of future generation’s to meet theirs. Doing so, we make wiser, more efficient and beneficial use of water, energy and food.

Yoyah Group’s, David Miron-Wapner, attorney and environmental entrepreneur, leads our strategic engagement to implement sustainable water, energy and food technologies and methods in global markets. We engage with local strategic local financial, business and project management partners to develop appropriate, flexible equity-sharing business models, secure necessary financing, and provide ongoing oversight.

Whether in central and distributed alternative energy and storage, water quality and treatment, or sustainable closed loop bio-filtration aquaculture, Yoyah is able to identify and implement cutting-edge sustainable technologies for a robust, resilient and balanced future.