Specialty Fields of Focus

Innovation Policy and Programs, Homeland Security and Sustainabiligy

Applying its own PFF™ methodology, Yoyah foresees a consistent highly probable pattern of events all of us must deal with to succeed. Boldly confronting all scenarios, political, economic, social or environmental, now opens new opportunities for countries, companies and business and political leaders.

The insight that future risks offer robust present opportunities, leads the Group’s engagement in a track of programs in three integrated areas of activity – Innovation Policy and Practice, Homeland Security and Sustainability. These fields complement Yoyah’s core business of designing desired futures and enhancing sustainable prosperity through creativity, strength, resilience, flexibility and adaptability.

Complementing its leadership in strategic processes, the Yoyah Group is committed to investing as well as raising funds for projects with a orientation to creating a new future of prosperity and possibility. Our engagement and investment in projects is hands on, from planning, financing, and implementation, Yoyah is your partner throughout the process.