Back Casting Scenario Planning

Yoyah, Yoram Yahav, יורם יהב

Yoyah’s process places you in your desired future – the PFF™.

Then you journey with us courageously Back from the Future, confronting the myriad scenarios and events, positive and negative that happened along the way.

Utilizing “Back Casting Scenario Planning” we take you out of your comfort zone and boast your courage to confront the unthinkable and unseen. Working in revolving teams, our unique BCSP process maximizes the surfacing of the opportunities, risks and blind spots that you, and most likely your competitors would fail to account for.

The holistic, flexible and categorized responses to the scenarios, in essence forms your strategy for achieving and inventing future outcomes. Contrary to the accepted paradigm, Yoyah Group realizes that you possess all the necessary expertise and knowledge for future success.

Together, we build and implement your strategy through an eight-milestone process with measureable deliverables.

PFF™ and BCSP will lead you, whether leader, nation, company and your entire team to full alignment.  Yoyah accompanies you in the effective implementation of your strategy, each step of the way, sharing one voice and a powerful future vision.