YPO Keynotes and Forum Retreats

Yoram Yahav, CEO of the Yoyah Group, has been a member of YPO-WPO for the last decade.

Yoram’s unique keynote and seminar presentations have inspired and enlightened some of the top corporations, global forums and diplomatic circles.

He challenges all to re-evaluate their past and present, and open themselves to a fresh way of looking from the future. Yoram’s forum retreats have stimulated individual breakthroughs and proved transformational for many YPO’s and WPO’s.

In the past year he has conducted YPO Forum retreats in Belgium, Israel, Myanmar, Thailand, Philippines, and Kenya.

By using a fascinating series of examples, case studies, and exercises, Yoram reveals how the PFFTM methodology has helped leaders, governments and corporations design their strategy “from” the future and then fulfill it. His innovative approach carries unique and measurable ‘Take Home’ benefits making the bottom line message engaging yet practical.

Yoram works with the revolutionary Back Casting Scenario Planning Methodology (BCSP) – an innovative technique of decision making during uncertain times. It addresses life events and scenarios (best and worst) as though “they already happened” and the strategic steps taken to prepare for them.