Photograph from the Future (PFF™)

יויה, יורם יהב, Yoram Yahav, Yoyah Group 

Come with us on a journey to discover your future.

Dare to release all constraints to a fuller expression of your creativity and innovative capacity.

Fundamental global shifts heralded by economic turbulence, regional conflicts and terrorism, alongside disruptive impacts of climate change demand a new approach to strategic processes for countries, leaders and companies.

Yoyah Group’s business expertise and willingness to challenge outmoded paradigms and embrace the rapidity of change, combined with creative, innovative thinking helped develop the Photograph from the Future -PFF™ methodology.

Yoyah Group’s process, a new mapping and simulation methodology encourages leaders and executives, in teams and individually, to engage in “out of the box” creative thinking.  Together, we lead you to generate full consensus on a unified positive image of the future – your own PFF™. Our unique facilitation process “births” the audacity to envision a positive, successful future and design the plan to attain it.