Reverse futurism, Yoram Yahav, Yoyah group

What we do

Yoyah recognizes the importance of nurturing your “futuring” skill set.

We developed a revolutionary approach using new methods and techniques.

Photograph from the Future (PFF™) Our completely new mapping and simulation methodology. Through PFF, you and your entire team will reach a full consensus, sharing one voice and a powerful future vision. More>

Backcasting Scenario Planning Once a common language, voice and image have been reached, Yoyah takes you back to your “virtual past.” You build multiple scenarios that happened on the way back from your image of the future, to the present. This unique process surfaces the opportunities, risks and blind spots you and your competitors failed to envisage. More>

Innovation Policy and Practice Focuses on transforming national economies through development and implementation of public programs to stimulate private sector innovative, research and development. More>

Homeland SecurityYoyah leads planning and training for rapid, flexible strategic and tactical responses to homeland security crises to ensure a secure, prosperous path into the future for nations. More>

SustainabilityYoyah’s collaborates and invests to implement sustainable water, energy and food technologies and methods in global markets. More>

Media Strategies – Yoyah offers bold new approaches to designing, developing and delivering media effectively to enhance future success. More>