Homeland Security

Nations must ensure a secure, prosperous path into the future for its citizens.

Planning and training for rapid, flexible strategic and tactical responses to homeland security crises arising from any one of many causes: wars, terror, ethnic conflict, economic and political unrest, droughts, storms and floods; make the difference for quick renewal and recovery.

With appropriate systems in place a nation can secures business continuity, and people’s access to critical infrastructures, communications systems, clean water, food and energy.

The Yoyah Group’s Ilan Mizrachi, former Deputy Director of the Mossad (Israel’s Intelligence Services) and Chairman of the National Security Council, leads our program to engage with national leadership to confront various challenges to the stability of national, regional and local infrastructures and systems. We facilitate a process that allows you to design appropriate policies based on how they view the potential and aspired future of the country.

Yoyah’s proposed policies and programs are supported by the best available technologies, together with guidance and training.