Yoram’s notes April 2010

Why do we send these newsletters and why do we bother writing the way we do?

Yoram Yahav, Yoyah Group

Yoram Yahav

We have been writing these newsletters for over six years. It started as an after thought when a friend told me that it would be wise to enrich others with the lessons we learned at TIM (Technion Institute of Management) and now at Yoyah.

Since then, we have grown and our mailing list includes people from over ninety countries representing a wide variety of thoughts and roles.

Recently, a friend asked if my newsletter section, (other sections are featured by Prof. Shlomo Maital and more) which resonates to some extent an emotional non-conventional writing, gets the type of response I would expect.

We do receive indeed an overwhelming amount of responses every month so I decided to approach two conservative executives in the States and England and asked for their honest opinions. I thought one of the responses reflects the reason why we write the way we write:

“Yoram, after meeting you at the YPO conference in Barcelona, I was wondering about your statement about the risks of being overly direct. The newsletter you wrote about fear and courage moved me very much because you spoke about feelings which I never dared to express aloud. I actually sent it out to all our executives and read it at Church in front of the whole congregation….”

Such notes makes me feel even stronger about the need to continue writing from the heart and if one such short article where I shared my most intimate thoughts helps others, then it is worth it.

As you can see from our web site, we decided to help entities globally to learn to “manage their future” in a totally different manner and approach. It was a hard decision which many of you probably face or entertain daily. Thank God, working for others as CEO’s and executives is not a difficult challenge for all of us.

We are privileged and grateful. BUT going after one’s heart and doing what one truly wants to do is not that easy in our ever so competitive world.

So the newsletter, just like our lives from now on will concentrate on futuristic approaches to innovation, strategy, marketing, courage and idea generation. We see our goal as one which should help countries, corporations and leaders think differently and have the courage to grow out of the box. Please write your heart out and tell us everything you feel can help make the newsletter better.

Yoram Yahav