What Would You Do if You Were in My Position?

By: Yoram Yahav

thinkingLet’s assume that you have developed a methodology that gives you the opportunity to look into the future from a different and unique angle. And let’s assume that you are doing well at implementing your approach and gaining international recognition. Moreover, think about the possibility of being approached by and proposed to work with three different political leaders. The three belong to different political parties and believe each of their worldviews is the right answer for a brighter future of their country. Let’s go even further and assume you are not affiliated with any specific political party and don’t have a personal affiliation to any one of them. The question I am getting to is: would you work with all of the above? Would you choose the one who has a better chance in winning the election? Or, would you decline them all?

Well, lately I have had the privilege (or not…) to deal with such a dilemma. Three different leaders from the same country have contacted me to assist in designing their future plans and aspirations. Let me share the type of approach I usually use in such situations:

1. As a starting point, I ask myself how I truly feel towards the situation. I try to “observe” my thoughts, face my anxieties and understand where my ego stands, especially in a position where I am needed.

2. I try to position myself in the future and ask myself how content I am of each candidate, from 1 to 10. Am I happy or dissatisfied?

3. I ask myself if the project is appealing to me at all, with a straight “yes” or “no” answer.

4. If the answer to the above is a definite “yes,” then I examine a matrix analysis of the three different opportunities and rate various issues such as: long term potential, intuitive feelings, my connection to the parties’ messages, time involvement and opportunities for future exposure. If the answer is “no,” I will drop the project immediately.

Obviously, there are several additional stages but I wanted to give you a glimpse into the central ones. After reviewing the first point above, I find that my ego has received a pat on the back. Here I am, advocating a new approach to strategy, and different political candidates approach me for advice. What an amazing feeling. But after looking over the rest of the points and consequently evaluating the outcomes, I realize the challenge is not as exciting, inspiring or enjoyable as my ego pushed me to think.

I know it may look strange at first glance, but trust me, if you analyze your dreams and your current realities in the “face of the future” and be totally honest about your truths, sooner or later, you will end up living them. I am absolutely shocked these days from the breakthrough outcomes I see with leaders and organizations that are willing to dare and ask the right questions about their own livelihood.