May 2011 Newsletter

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Can We Handle Different Futures?
By Yoram Yahav

Past and FutureThere is a natural tendency for human beings to be afraid of the unknown especially if it represents a deviation from our day to day comfort zones. Even so, I would like to risk it, and share some of the events which could happen, in my humble opinion, sooner than later.

Israel is doing well by all economic measures. Israelis have good reasons to be proud. The Shekel is one of the strongest currencies in the world. The Governor of the Bank of Israel, Professor Stanley Fischer, runs the country’s financial structure with strength and determination. Relatively, the streets are safe, due to the wall built between the major Palestinian population and Israel, and crime over the last three years has gone down significantly.

So what’s wrong?!More>

Back to the Future: “Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads”
By Prof. Shlomo Maital


At the annual event of the MIT Enterprise Forum of Israel, titled Back to the Future 2015, held May 5, several farsighted experts gave their vision of the near-term future.

The first speaker was Zeev Efrat, CEO, Frost & Sullivan (Israel branch), a global business consulting firm. He identified four key megatrends that experts defined a decade ago, in 2000: Emerging China; the Internet explosion; Information Revolution; and Outsourcing. All powerfully affected the decade 2000-2009. The megatrends that will dominate the near-term future, according to Efrat, are…



The Picture Brightens – Adaptation Starts Now
By David Miron-Wapner

Co2As I listened to Paul Simon singing “Kodachrome” I could not help but think that each and every picture in my most recent photo album from the future with “the nice bright colors” of Kodachrome shows me that climate change has happened and continues to occur. Whether these are five, ten or fifty year glimpses, the overarching reality of climate change appears to be with us for many years to come.

So, what have we done along the way to mitigate impacts or adapt to hotter days and extreme climate events ahead? When did we finally make the serious reductions in the use of carbon intensive fuels to begin stabilizing Greenhouse Gas emissions and in the longer term, the climate itself?  How did the pace of our actions compare with the intensity of the changes? More>



What Happens After Social Media Markets Peak?
By Debbie Meltzer


As I ink this blog, LinkedIn is experiencing “float euphoria” and the thrill of a Wall Street rush. Within hours, their 7.84 million shares, created a market value of over $9 billion. So how much will LinkedIn make in profits in 2011? Zero… That’s right, with all the hyperbolic aggrandizement – a big fat zero.

LinkedIn is the first social network to go public, trail blazing ahead of Facebook, Twitter, Zynga and Groupon. These sites are set to pursue their own IPO in the next few months. Oh yeah, this is a hot industry. It’s sizzling… More>