March 2011 Newsletter

Yoyah Group

300 Years of Fossil Fuels in 300 Seconds
By Yoram Yahav

oil-dependenceI was asked to give The Photograph From the Future presentation to the YPO (Young President Organization) chapter of Mexico. The experience in Mexico had a tremendous influence on me. We spoke about several interesting topics, one focusing on the environment issue.

No matter where I speak or travel to, no matter how intelligent or foolish, rich or poor, liberal or conservative people are, all of the above express their concern and worry about the future of the environment. More>

The Entrepreneur Who Could Not Spell His Own Name: How Jeff Pearce Overcame Dyslexia
By Prof. Shlomo Maital


From the BBC World Service’s Outlook program (recounted by journalist Jo Fidgen), is the story of James (Jeff) Pearce, in his own words.

Jeff is literally someone who could not spell his own name for 54 years, nor read or write – yet he was voted Retailer of the Year in the U.K. and twice built business empires.

If Pearce could succeed, despite the odds, surely any of us can. More>

Renewable Intelligence and the New Energy Economy
By David Miron-Wapner

sustainable energyGiven our current corporate-dominated global economy, I have no doubt that if the industry is not able to profit from the transition to a new energy economy, the necessary actions to halt climate change probably won’t happen, though my view is skewed by my almost complete lack of faith in government to lead us forward than anything else.

At the same time, it should come as no surprise that an international system still dominated by addiction to fossil fuels and focused on short-term profit seems to also be utterly failing to contend with the urgency of the tasks before us and the grave unseen dangers just beyond the horizon. More>

Innovating the Corporate through the Canvas
By Debbie Meltzer


In preparation for brand workshops I have researched and racked my brains in search of tools, exercises and techniques that could extract creative thought, unusual ideas and thought processes from my clients, from meditation and Mandalas, to role playing and masks.

The responses? Well… You can find a lot of them in chapter five in Alice in Wonderland.

In time I recognized the importance of creativity to innovation – to marketing and the future of business. In time it became a mission – to link the art world to the corporate work place. It just made sense – the more you are exposed to creativity – the more creative you become. The more creative you are – the more likely you are to develop innovative ideas and drive change. More>