January 2016 Newsletter

Yoram Yahav Yoyah Group Newsletter

Fortune Favors the Daring

By: Yoram Yahav

I am shocked these days by the fairy tales about stability, the optimists, masquerading as realists, are telling us. They dismiss legitimate warning signs which are all around us and avoid and deny the coming of perhaps the biggest dual economic and environmental crises in recent history.

Courage is essential to honestly consider realities which fall outside our conventional set of hopes and beliefs. Our natural tendency is to expect and consider only the GOOD. “Think positive” we were told when we were kids and therefore we rightfully anticipate that the future will be better than the past. Optimism makes one’s heart smile, however, this is true ONLY if tears of desperation, disappointment and sorrow don’t penetrate our own sensitive “echo-systems” that reverberate with questions and anxiety.

A few years ago, on the Greek island of Santorini I met a monk whose mentors in the States lost 80% of their funds because they were convinced by one of their disciples to invest their “holy assets” in his successful company’s stocks. The monk described the level of depression that even those “spiritually enhanced individuals” were feeling. Many of us can relate to this scenario and know that feeling down, is a legitimate human emotion. We were created to feel pain, loss and depression in order to be able to learn from our experiences, become wiser, and better in how we think and what we do.  More>

Beyond Denial: A Paris Climate Agreement

By: David Miron-Wapner

Compromises leave everyone unhappy. The Paris Climate Agreement is no different. Breaking sharply from long-standing past failures, delay and denial, however, is no guarantee of future success.

Will the “Conference of the Parties21” (COP21) be hailed as the “grand global turning” – away from wasteful reliance on fossil fuels towards the uncharted territory of sustainability?  Or will Paris be seen as just another colossal failure in a string of frustrating international efforts to face the immediacy and enormity of the unseen threat to humanity posed by a warmer world?  More>


Creativity: Resolving 6 Paradoxes

By: Shlomo Maital

Can God make a stone so heavy God cannot lift it?

A barber shaves all those in the village who don’t shave themselves. Who shaves the barber? (Kurt Goedel).

These are examples of paradoxes: 2 propositions, sometimes wrapped into one sentence that are internally contradictory. There is even a fifty dollar word for it: oxymoron. E.g. military intelligence.

Creativity is often a matter of two things that conflict, and a creative individual who is able to integrate and combine them. And innovation, as a process, often embodies such paradoxes. Here are six of them, drawn to my attention by a colleague, Prof. Ella Miron-Spektor. More>