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At Yoyah we are keen to encourage live discussions on future insights. See  below selected links we’d like to share with you:

Israel 2028



The ability to develop foresight as viewed as one of the essential skills for 21st century survival. The link below tells us why.

Essential skills for 21st century survival.

By Vanessa Viemis


Scenario planning as a valuable technique for leading your company through turbulent times.
Global future report – What if?

By Dr. Terry J. van der Werff, CMC


Robert Kaplan explores how risk management can be better integrated into strategy execution
Risk management and the strategy execution system

By Robert.S. Kaplan, December 09


The future according to Dr. David Passig: “China will crash, Israel will become an economic and political stronghold within a decade….”


The price of Denial: From Ford to the Leheman Brandes Brothers,  business leaders of excellent companies failed to look at facts in the face  at the cost of their success


By Prof. Richard Tedlow

Shell energy scenarios,
Looking ahead at the energy challenge
By Shell


Decision making tools for a sustainable future
Scenario building and backcasting: Tools for decision making.
By Jennifer Hinton.


We have the power to create a better future:
The concept of backcasting

By the natural step