December 2010 Newsletter

Yoyah Group

We would like to wish our readers a very happy and successful New Year!

Maintaining Serenity in the Face of Anger
By Yoram Yahav

FuryToday I am convinced that one of the foremost reasons for me practicing martial arts was to overcome my inner fury. As a child, many frustrations arose in my fragile heart when I was punished for not behaving properly. In my young mind, the deep frustration and unbelievable anger created inner “storms” which made me not only shout from within, but also curse so loudly and shamelessly till no one had the nerve to punish me.

Efi Landau, a good friend and colleague, introduced me to written material on the subject of rage, some of which he wrote himself. Landau was kind enough to let me mention his insights it in this note. The ability of maintaining your serenity in the face of anger, he says, is crucial and essential for our well-being. More>

Israel Conquers Space
By Prof. Shlomo Maital

Space SatelliteLook up at the night sky. Amidst the stars is a small satellite you cannot see, circling the earth every ninety minutes, peering down through clouds and darkness. It is called Ofek 9 and it is a sophisticated eye-in-the-sky, both built and launched by Israel. It tracks what Israel’s enemies are scheming and it can see fine details on the ground, night or day, fair weather or foul. It is not alone, it has several sisters. And it is strong evidence that improbably, Israel has become one of a handful of nations (and by far the smallest of them) which lead in both military and civilian space technology. How this happened conveys important lessons. More>

A Future of Change
By David Miron-Wapner

Global WarmingEven as the empirical evidence mounts of an ever more uncertain climate future, we stubbornly hold on to a business as usual attitude. Our capacity to cope with new climate realities is perhaps the greatest global challenge, especially since our civilization has flourished over the last 7000 years of relative climate stability. Rather than rise to the challenge, the modern global economy continues to heap abuse on the Earth’s natural systems that sustain us.

I am optimistic that a new consciousness will emerge from the climate crises; an advanced, technologically progressive and sustainable civilization will thrive. We will learn to be part of, not separate from the earth on which we rely for our life’s basic needs of clean air, water and food. We have all the tools we need to create a more just, balanced world. More>

Tilting Towards 2011: What Can We Expect?
By Debbie Meltzer

Year 2011

If only we could be fast motioned to December 31, 2011 and guide our younger self through the vestibules of the coming year. Being steadfastly rooted to the here and now, this flight of fantasy is destined to science fiction. Still, fellow market trendologists and futurists offer provocative outlooks for 2011 and beyond.

I scoured the literature to give you a selection of the expected and unexpected… inevitably some involuntary dribbles of retorts cascaded through. More>