300 Years of Fossil Fuels in 300 Seconds

I had just arrived to New York from Mexico City as I was writing this article. I was asked to give The Photograph From the Future presentation to the YPO (Young President Organization) chapter of Mexico. The experience in Mexico had a tremendous influence on me. Although I am quite familiar working with CEOs and leaders around the world, this visit was particularly unique because of the well-known Latino hospitality and the openness of my new Mexican friends.

We spoke about several interesting topics, one focusing on the environment issue. No matter where I speak or travel to, no matter how intelligent or foolish, rich or poor, liberal or conservative people are, all of the above express their concern and worry of the future of the environment. I wanted to write a whole piece about the  future of the environment until I came across the video below.


Crystal, a cousin of a friend of mine from Greece, is currently living  in California. She took part in the making of the enclosed video. It’s an excellent and powerful presentation of the topic, so I decided to add it in this month’s newsletter (with her permission). This fantastic five-minute video presents, better than I could ever put into words, how we can create a sustainable future without continual dependence on fossil fuels. I urge you to watch it, it is worth the experience. The movie can also be viewed on YouTube.

YouTube Preview Image