Client & Partner Testimonials

“Yoyah Group blazes new trails in management thinking. It forces entire organizations to sit up, look back from the future and visually reverse the process of forecasting. By doing so Yoyah is setting a new agenda for practical strategic envisioning, problem solving and change management. I am excited about the potential of our methodology. “

Professor Lester Thurow, leading global economist, Yoyah Group


Israel Makov, Teva
“Your programs strengthened synergies in our organization and enabled our executives to meet Teva’s business and strategic objectives. In the global environment where Teva operates, it is essential to develop new informal channels to foster cooperation between managers, professionals and business units…”

Israel Makov, Former CEO Teva Pharmaceuticals

“In an era of expotential growth in technology, Yoyah Group creates both an intellectual and practical lighthouse to organizations seeking a way to “zoom out” and address future scenarios as well as unthinkable outcomes that others don’t see.”

Dr. Shuki Gleitman, technology leader, Yoyah Group ___________________________________________________________________

This type of thought process accentuates everything as opposed to ‘baby-steps’ and short term goal-setting  that mitigate problems and gloss over them.”…. ”We ‘leaped’ into 2014 and ‘became’ a company with sales and profit, from there we paced backwards to see how we got there.”

Kobi Vortman, CEO, Insightec

“Yoyah Group Programs are unique in the world of executive development. They bring a thoroughness and richness of design covering the critical elements of managerial and leadership development. Real company challenges are addressed by providing a multi-layered process including workshops with exceptional faculty, benchmarking visits to global companies, and individual coaching.”

Prof. Ronald A. Heifetz, Co-Founder, Center for Public Leadership. John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.

Amir Eyal, CEO, Infinity Group
“We were 15 people, each from a different discipline, with a different stance,  we synchronized our thinking into one voice. The entire group initially communicated chaos and then reached harmony”… “Yoyah’s concept did something for the company…  It was amazing, team building and useful.”

Amir Ayal, CEO Infinity Investments


“I don’t believe you can make progress when people have hidden agendas or an unwillingness to open up… There is no shortage of trade secrets theft… Its important to really know your team inside out…  ”As a CEO I often noticed that I instruct one thing and my management team does another. I felt a need to get to know them better, to get rid of the obstacles and objections that stand in the way of performance. “… “At the end of a highly charged and emotional process – Credit Swiss emerged with a common vision, but mostly, with an understanding who are they really teaming with”.

Maya Zaltzman, Credit Suisse Former CEO for International, Eastern Europe and UK unit

Alex Silberklang, GE

“… We are a successful company with international recognition. It’s fair to say that part of this success can be attributed to the fact that we worked with Yoyah at a most critical development stage.”

Alex Silberklang General Manager GE Ultrasound Israel