Yoyah Group, About, Photograph from the Future

About Yoyah Group

We live in an age of transition.

Our past is no guide to the future.

The current path is not sustainable.

Everywhere, at all levels, more and more people ask “Where To?

The Yoyah Group offers a unique methodology to help, support and guide countries, companies, organizations and leaders who courageously confront the uncertainty unfolding before us design and implement their desired future.

Utilizing its new mapping and simulation methodology – “Photograph From the Future” (PFF™) and Back Casting Scenario Planning (BCSP), The Yoyah Group offers a practical response to unprecedented, rising levels of uncertainty, speed of change and currently flawed execution modes of strategic processes in the world.

Yoyah also invents the future by investing in three critical areas of activity: Innovation Policy and Practice, Homeland Security, and three critical categories of Sustainability – Water, Energy and Food.